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Happy Kids High School is a school in Andhra Pradesh, India dedicated to providing opportunities to kids in a rural area. Happy Kids High School is focused on providing a quality education to kids and a pathway into college and the job market. The school consists of 650 students in total with tuition and exams ranging from $20 to $50. In addition, Happy Kids High School focuses on providing free education to orphan kids with the current enrollment at 25 kids. All funds will be given to Happy Kids High School, so please donate!


My Mission

My mission is to create opportunities for underprivileged kids so that they are able to succeed to their full potential. Through fundraisers and seminars, I plan to provide support and motivation to achieve what they have never dreamed of.

My Story

My name is Anshul Chawla and I am a senior in high school interested in finance and sports. Throughout my entire life, I have been surrounded by privilege. From a big home to amazing schools, I have had more opportunities than anyone could ask for. Although, throughout all this privilege, there are people that suffer without a strong support from their parents or enough resources to succeed to their full potential. With my family being from India, all my relatives live in a completely different environment. There are many more stereotypes and much less opportunities for kids as they mature into adulthood. Seeing this instantly struck me. I have been living with so much, but I haven’t taken advantage of all the opportunities, while people everywhere are longing for my opportunities. Realizing all this, I decided that I was going to change this and dedicate myself to providing equal opportunities to people who simply do not have the resources.